Saturday, May 28, 2016

Happy Birthday, Lindsey!

Today is my daughter-in-law's birthday!  Let me tell you about Lindsey...

  • Lindsey is an overachiever.  When she sets her mind to do something, she will give it 110% and even make it look easy as she does it.  
  • Lindsey is multi-talented.  Her mind goes in so many different directions because she has that many interests and giftings.
  • Lindsey is a wonderful mother.  She has well-disciplined children who are creative thinkers, hard workers, and love the outdoors.  She loves big!
  • Lindsey is an organizer.  We all used to call on her when we were moving, organizing closets, or needing someone to oversee a project.  Minnesota, we hope you appreciate what you have in her....because Texas wants her back!
  • Lindsey is an investigator.  Not the private-eye kind...although she could be.  But when she's interested in a subject, she won't rest until she completely understands it.  She will be a perpetual student the rest of her life.  She's not content until she understands every facet of her subject.
  • Lindsey is a nutritionist.  This is one of those things she's studied and worked hard to understand and implement in the life of her family.  It started because she wanted to help her children and continued because she saw the benefits.  I've encouraged her to follow this as a career path because she loves it and people look to her for answers.  I told her she might as well get paid for what she's naturally doing.
  • Lindsey is a gifted writer.  She's been a magazine editor, she's a blogger, and she works for another blogger.  
  • Lindsey is a photographer.  She especially loves to photograph the food she cooks.
  • Lindsey loves to cook and create healthy food.  She's even written her own eCookbook--and took her own photos, of course.
  • Lindsey loves her home.  She creates warmth and beauty in it.  
  • Lindsey is persistent.  She doesn't give up easily.  I've watched her pursue relationships which were broken until they were restored.
  • Lindsey is an overcomer.  She won't stop with a problem...she solves it.
  • Lindsey loves big.  She loves my son well...for which I'm very grateful.  She loves her kids with all of her heart.  She loves family.

Lindsey, I hope your birthday is super special.  I know it will be since you're surrounded with family today.  Lindsey means "from the Linden tree isle."  The interesting thing about the linden tree is that the flower holds medicinal value.  It's the tree of lovers.  And its timber was used to make Viking shields.  The fact it was on an island makes me think of how you love having your family surrounding you--shielded from the hurts of the world.  

I'm glad God gave you to our family!  And I hope this birthday is a very meaningful one.

I love you,

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