Wednesday, May 18, 2016

In Jesus' Name

I've been studying the name of Jesus to understand what it means to pray in His name.  It's powerful.  The name actually means, "The Lord saves."  And that was His purpose--to come into the world and save people from their sins.  So when I reasoned and meditated on this, I saw that when we come in His name, His desire is to save us and help us.  There's so much more...for instance, His name is so powerful people have been resurrected...or killed for associating themselves with it.

But I was getting so bogged down in my study of Jesus' mighty name, I asked God to simplify it and show me what it meant to come to Him in Jesus' name.  Why do we pray in Jesus' name?  Is it just a tag at the end of our prayers?  Or is it more than that?

Immediately, God gave me a picture.  If a poor man showed up at my house and asked me to feed him and give him a bed to sleep in for the night in my house, I'd be very cautious.  Because I know I'm to help the poor, I might be inclined to help.  But I also know there are wicked people in the world, so I might feel a little fearful.  But...if that same man showed up at my house and said, "Mrs. Dietz, your son, Matt, (Amy, David, or Zach--any of my kids) told me to come here.  He said you might be willing to feed me and give me a place to sleep in your home."  THAT would change everything!!  I'd probably call or text my son to ask him about the man, if he knew him and had actually sent him, and why he was there.  And if Matt explained who he was and why I should help him, I'd invite that man on in.

Just because the poor man knew my son, the doors to my home would open.  When we come asking God for anything, we ask in Jesus' name.  His Son's name opens doors.

But it's also coming with requests which are in agreement with God and His Word--what we know to be reasonable requests.  Matt wouldn't have sent the man if he knew the request was unreasonable.  He knows me and he knows what I'd be willing to do.  He actually knows I've helped people in that way before.  And if my son sent a man to ask for food and shelter, but the man decided to take advantage of me and asked for $100,000, too...Matt would indignantly expose his con game and I certainly wouldn't be helping.

Asking "In Jesus' name, amen" isn't just a tag.  It's the name which will open doors.  Amen means "so be it."  So I'm asking God, the King of the Universe, for help.  And I'm coming because I intimately know His Son.  His Son has saved me and will verify He knows me.  And that name will open doors in the kingdom of heaven for my benefit!

I've come to God in agreement with--and in the identity of--His Son.   So be it.

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