Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Creative Grandkids

I've spent the morning looking at my old YouTube videos of my grandkids and I am just wildly crazy about them and their creativity!!  Some of them will want me to delete these, but all I can say to that is, "It could have been so much more embarrassing!"  As you will see--I have some gifted and talented grandkids--and some who have yet to develop beautiful skills and talents.  Most of these videos are at least two years old--so their skills are even more perfected now.  And of course, each of them have talents which exceed one post.  ;)

Matt's daughter, Caitlin, has a beautiful voice!  She lived with us a couple of months and scheduled voice lessons with Pops every day....or almost.  

Matt's daughter, Alexis, has been a gifted dancer for years.
She now performs in Nutcracker.

These are Amy's kids--Isaac (drums), Josiah (piano) 
and Olivia & Dassie dancing.  Each gifted!

This is Addie & Ryan, David's kids, playing a piano duet they wrote.

This is Zach's oldest son, Dax, singing.

Gus, Zach's youngest son, doing a magic trick!

And, of course, this is where all those mad skills come from!

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Tammy said...

Aren't grandkid's the best, no matter what they're doing?