Saturday, January 2, 2016

Building an igloo

Zach & his boys made the beginnings of an igloo while they were here after the Blizzard of 2015.  As I thought about New Year's Day, new beginnings, and what I desired for the coming year, this photo came to mind.

My life is a series of events which God has used to shape me.  There's not one thing that has been wasted in my life.  In fact, if I believe God's Word (and I do!), He tells me that "He works all things for my good."  I picture Him taking a handful of my "stuff" and fashioning it into a building block--which He is using to create the completion of ME!  He takes the works, obedience, love and good things I do and uses them.  He also takes my mistakes, my sin, my flesh and uses them.  And in fact, if I believe this...I can't fail if I'm His child.  He uses everything that happens in my life for His purposes and His glory!  This morning, I read the story of Paul becoming irritated with the demon possessed girl who was following him around and he cast the demon out of her.  He ended up in prison because of it...but because of being in prison, he led the jailer to Jesus.  We have the advantage of looking at Paul's life and seeing how each event built onto another to create this man God used mightily!

My prayer for 2016 is that God will let my building blocks take form.  I know He's done some incredible things in me and used mistakes and events to change me.  He's created me with design and purpose.  I want to fulfill that purpose for which He has created me.  I want to see Him do great and mighty things through me--because of His power at work within me.

I want to be a beautiful, useful creation of His hands...for His glory and for His kingdom.

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