Monday, January 11, 2016

A Hop, Skip & A Jump!

I've always told you I'd prepare you for things to come.  But let me just say this at the outset:  "Purpose in your minds and hearts to enjoy each moment God has for you!"  

I read a meme this morning which said, "I thought growing old would take longer."  Seriously.

  • One day you're sitting in school looking out the window wondering if you'll ever be out of school and get to make your own decisions.  
  • The next minute you're married with babies.  This season seems like it will never end!
  • And then your children start school.  It's a moment for celebration--you have your life back--for a moment--only a moment!
  • But then your children enter middle school and with all of their activities, you blink and they've graduated.
  • Your children consecutively leave home, go to college, get married, and start having babies.
  • You get to relive all of those baby and little kid moments--savoring them this time--because you're not responsible for the hard things.  You get to enjoy and encourage.  

  • You watch them grow and want it all to stop.  If only you could keep them little.

  • You realize you can't slow the process down and soon you'll be starting the process all over again.
Savor each moment.  Invest in this time.  

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