Friday, January 1, 2016

2016--The Year of Release!

I spent New Year's Day creating a photo book of 2015.  As I looked back over the past year, I was amazed that God could cram so much into one year!  I'm even more amazed that I'm still standing.  I laughed over a lot of the photos, was sad over a few because of the changes they brought, and even grieved as I thought back on all of the losses I faced.  Needless to say, 2015 was a tough, action-packed year.

What do I desire for 2016?   Well...God & I talked about that this morning.  Here's what I told Him:
"God, I want to live in the deep place of Your affection and Your passion.  I want to delight in You!!  I rejoice in You.  I take pleasure in You!!  I want a new intimacy with You.  I want to live in the place of Your indulgence, Your pleasure.
I also want to be intentional this year.  I want to be intentional in pouring myself into other people.  But first, I want this year to be a year of intentionally spending time with You, hearing You, being sourced by You--and then doing the same with others.  I know I need to become unplugged to do that.  Please hear my heart...I want to do that."

And then He spoke to my heart:
"Becky, I release you into your purpose.  I release you to have some FUN and relaxation.  I release you to ENJOY life!!  I release you to love deeply and to bless others.  I release you to care.  I release you from the hold of social media.  I release you to focus on Me and hear Me.  I release you to know the way to go.  I release you to belly-laugh with Me & others.  I release you to deep relationship with your family.  I release you to be real and honest.  I release you from frustration, doubt, negativity, fear, critical thinking, judgment.  I release you to love, truth, a positive spirit, acceptance.  I drop you into place--the place I designed just for you--and have prepared you for.  I release you to My very best this year, Becky--look for it, expect it!  Let's do some amazing things together!  I want you released, Becky.  I want your purpose for My kingdom released.  I want your laughter released.  I want your future released.  I release you from struggle.  I release you to flow.  You have all of heaven available to you.  Now--go for it!"

I believe He wants to release you, too.

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