Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Portal Bikes

While I was in Dalhart Sunday, Pastor Terry Stegall introduced a young family who are on their way to Nepal.  They've actually lived there before, but are on their way back to start a "business."  In fact, as Terry introduced Caleb Spear, he told us, "Caleb is a game changer!"  While Caleb & Emily lived in Nepal, they were confronted with the extreme poverty of the people.  And God gave Caleb a vision of how to help.

Caleb created Portal Bikes.  Please go to his website here because he can explain it much better than I can.  But basically, if he can get a bicycle into each family, he can increase their potential for a better life.  The vision God gave Caleb was to create a stand to make the bicycle become stationary and then a power machine.  There are attachments for the bicycle (corn sheller, electric generators, washing machines, water pumps, etc.) which can be powered up as someone rides the bicycle and creates energy!!  AMAZING!!!

One man can change the way an entire country functions.  He can change the livelihood of thousands of families!  All it takes is to get a bicycle into each family.  He's set it up so people can invest in a bike and the attachments for a family.  You invest one time (or many times!) and a family makes payments for the bike.  Once the bike is paid off, your money is reinvested for another bike for another family.  I think it's genius!!

I hope you'll take a look and prayerfully consider investing.  You can be a game changer by helping people in a third-world country!

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