Monday, September 30, 2013

Do You Enjoy God?

Do you enjoy God?  God took me a step further after I wrote my post yesterday.  After thinking on God creating us to enjoy fellowship with us...and then thinking on maybe we should enjoy one another...this thought came up.  Do I enjoy God?

I mean...I revere Him, I serve Him, I honor Him, I speak to Him, I listen to Him, I worship Him, I read about Him, I write about Him, I speak about Him...but do I enjoy Him?  I can say I have on occasion.  We've even enjoyed a laugh together!  But I think I haven't enjoyed Him enough.  If He created me to enjoy fellowship with me, I think he's been losing out on this deal.  I've been getting hung up on my servitude position--a slave doesn't usually enjoy fellowship with his master. I think I've seen myself in that position more than the position of a friend.  John, who happened to be Jesus' closest friend, talks a lot about friendship with God.  Worshiping Him, serving Him, and honoring Him didn't prevent John from being a friend to the Son of God--and enjoying Him.

I want to consciously enjoy God--every day.  I'm not sure how to develop this kind of friendship where we deeply enjoy one another except to go to Him and just say, "God, I want to be Your friend.  I want to enjoy You!"

I can't wait!

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Juanita said...

I love this Becky and want to do this as well! Thanks for bringing this up. Isn't is it odd that we live so many years and it takes us so long to think of these things? Just goes to show we never stop learning, and the Word od God is timeless!