Friday, September 20, 2013


Have you ever watched the TV show, Undercover Boss?  I love that show!  A boss of a giant corporation (like Cinnabon) goes "undercover" (in disguise) and works in several of their many stores (with an obvious camera going full-time--they say they're filming for some bogus reason).  They do menial jobs and get to know their employees on a different level and pick their employees brains about what it means to work for their company.  Usually the employees are happy, hard-working employees who give 110%.  Sometimes, the undercover boss finds a disgruntled employee who has a bad attitude and emotionally vomits all over the boss and the company--on national TV.  At the end of the show, the employees are rewarded in some way.  But those disgruntled employees are reprimanded, re-trained or relieved of their services.

I thought of that show this morning as I was thinking on a new video series David showed last night.  About a year ago, David had me read the book, How to Worship a King by Zach Neese.  EXCELLENT BOOK!!  Last night, we watched the first of the video series based on that book by Zach Neese....and my life will never be the same.  Literally.  I hope you'll watch it!!  You can go here to see it.  Just promise me you'll watch the first episode....if you're not hooked, I won't make you watch the rest!!  ;)

In this first episode (and I won't give it all away!), Zach talks about how we are ambassadors for Christ.  He explains it in such a way, that I actually GOT it!  And this morning, it made me think of Undercover Boss.  Those employees are like ambassadors for the company.  They're either a good representative...or not.  They either give 110% or embarrassingly regurgitate all over the company.

Please, please go watch the first video of this series.  Every believer needs to know who they are....and Zach Neese explains it well.

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