Thursday, September 19, 2013

5 Million Dollar Gift Card

The other day, Addie gave me a $5 million gift card!!  I was overwhelmed.  We played all afternoon, making grandiose purchases.  In fact, my gift card never lost value--even though I bought lots of things.  I wasn't the only person with whom she was so generous--her mom and dad got one, too.  We had lots of fun until Ryan looked at us at dinner and said, "You know they're not real..."

And then today, Jodina showed me this video about some property for sale in New Mexico with 360 acres, 6 houses, a barn, 25 springs, etc., etc.  It's being auctioned today and the beginning bid is $250,000.  I showed it to David & Lindsey and tried to get them to use their gift card to buy it!

It's so much fun imagining what I'd do if I had lots of money.  As Jodina & I walked this morning, we imagined, too.  In fact, we decided if we were ever blessed with millions, we'd need to hold one another accountable to not love money.  She also told me a story about how important it is to pray BIG!  She'd helped a young couple get into a house--when they'd given up hope.  (She's a realtor.)  They later brought her a sign for her home that says, "Pray BIG!"

Thinking on all of these things, I came home and started praying BIG.  At least I thought it was big.  But then I changed my prayer.  This is what I prayed:  "God, please fulfill the desire of Your heart for the purpose for which You created me."

I don't think it gets much bigger than that...even though a $5 million gift card is pretty extravagant!

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