Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vain Obsession

Have you ever gotten tired of your profile picture and decided to take your own photo?  Well, I did tonight.  It's not that I thought I look better--at all.  I just have always judged people who hang on to their old photos to make themselves look younger or feel better about themselves.  Yep....judged.  That's not pretty.  And neither are these photos!  (You know...the whole judge not lest you be judged thing going on here for your own personal observation.)  I wish I hadn't deleted all those other photos that were really bad--I'd show them to you.  I couldn't find the right lighting.  The bad lighting was showing off all my wrinkles on my neck.  And the bad lighting was making it look like I wasn't wearing any make-up.

This was one of the first.

It didn't get much better.  (Is that lip gloss glopped on my lips?)  Funny story:  I remember when Amy was about 6-years-old.  We were in the car with my parents and Amy was sitting directly behind my dad...without a seat belt or car seat, I might add.  She'd been staring at the back of his neck a little too long.  And then she piped up, "Papa...why are there kites on your neck?"  We all looked at her like she'd gone crazy.  Kites???  But when I looked, I died laughing.  The wrinkles on the back of his neck were in the shape of a kite.  We were all rolling!

And here I'm trying to hide the "kites" on my neck.  And my grandkids are asking me about my wrinkles.  And telling me that they think I'll die soon.  It's hysterical!!  I told a friend this week that you sure need a good self-image before you have grandchildren.  They point out the obvious to you.  But, like my dad, I think it's pretty funny.

All I wanted to do was put up a new profile pic on Facebook.  I even clicked to only post it to me--thinking the large photo (don't you love the fact that they made them larger??) would only be for me to see.  Oh no.  It's out there for everyone to see and comment on.  (And, of course, now it's on my blog for everyone to see!!  Wink, wink.)  And it's almost like people are then obligated to tell you how great you look.  But they forget...I have grandkids.  I just wanted to update the new wrinkled me...but at the same time...hide my wrinkles.


Ronnie said...

Whatever! You look MARVELOUS DARLING SIMPLY MARVELOUS!!! My favorite is #3!

amy wright said...

I love that the background changes with each photo,too. :) Love you.