Friday, August 24, 2012

Lubbock Trip

I came home yesterday after spending a few days in Lubbock.  I was anxious to get to meet Gus!  He's such a cutie. 
He looks a lot like his big brother, Dax.  But totally different.

This was the first morning I was there.  Dax's first act of the morning was to tell "baby" good morning!  (This picture reminds me so much of one of Matt looking at baby Amy for the first time!)

This was Gus on his way to see the doctor to get his foot pricked.  He was such a good baby!

I was thrilled to get to watch Lissa come and take the new family photos.  And of course, pics of Gus.

Lissa has such great ideas for family photo shoots.  I just got to tag along and kill ants and stand on my head so Dax would smile.  You can see how successful I was! ha!

While I was there, Dax wanted me to go outside with him all day every day.  He LOVES being outdoors.  And he especially likes walking to Michael & Heather Murry's house next door.  He wanted to ring the doorbell to see if they were home....but couldn't reach it.

Gus sleeps and eats.

Dax was chillin' on his pillow pet.

Gus even opened his eyes occasionally to give us a good look at him!

I couldn't believe that Shanna went outside and buried some stepping stones.  But it gave Dax a great opportunity to dig in the dirt...outside.

This is the new family in front of their house--which is for sale, by the way.  If you need a nice 3 bedroom house in Lubbock, let us know!

Dax digging in the dirt.  You can hear Gus hiccuping in the background!

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amy wright said...

Dax and Gus are both such cute little guys. I know that this will be a hard stage for Shanna and Zach, but I know those boys will be the best of buds.