Friday, August 3, 2012

Videos of Grandkids this Week

I can't see any of my grandkids without them all wanting to be videoed as they perform.  When I was at Dallas last week with the Wright's, each performance got crazier.  The funniest thing is that Hadassah (who has only been in the family 5 months) fits right in.  If she's not dancing or playing the harmonica, she just screams to be heard above the others.  They're all hams!

I wanted to put Dax's latest video up, but he was naked in the tub.  It was so cute!  He was learning to say his letter "A"--albeit with a Texas accent.  (Amy, don't show this video to your friends.  They've heard a Texas accent before!)  Daddy's pretty proud that Dax knows how to do "Gun's Up!"

Ryan & Addie just videoed this film this afternoon.  They put in the CD of the songs they learned at VBS and remembered most of the motions to the songs.  I love Addie's moves!!


Ronnie said...

OH my!!! LOVE this music lovin crew!!! So fun!!!

Lindsey said...

Goodness! I love how Amy's mantle/fireplace have become the stage in the house. I love Dax!! He was talking so much yesterday. And my typical! Ryan doing everything to the letter and Addie in her own world! But where did she learn to shake her hips like that?!