Saturday, August 25, 2012

Little Worker Bees...or not?

As you know, I went to visit Zach & Shanna this past week and to help out with 2 little boys.  Mostly, I entertained the 18-month-old Dax while Shanna took care of baby Gus and Zach got used to a new job.  Of course, I got my hands on baby Gus plenty of times and kissed those fat cheeks.

I learned pretty quickly that Dax is indeed enamored with his mommy's broom.  It's one of the new words he's saying that you can understand pretty clearly (that and "outside").  Anytime the broom comes out, he wants a turn.  He's really cute with it!  So he and I made a trip to Target with one goal clearly in mind:  to get Dax his own child-sized broom.  Easy task, right?

Wrong.  I went down all the toy aisles looking for a child's broom.  Nothing.  I went to the adult broom section to see if there was a short broom.  None.  So I gave up in Target.  The next day, we were making a Wal-Mart run anyway, so I decided to check out the toy section there for a broom.  Nada.  In fact, it occurred to me that there were NO "working toys."  I didn't find a vacuum, iron/ironing board or any cleaning/working toys.  Really?   At first I thought it was pretty funny.  But then it made me think.  Is it really a reflection of our society that we're not teaching our children to help out at home and work?  Are they all being taught to be princesses and super heroes (the main toys in the toy section) without any responsibility?

Fear not.  I found a child's broom online.  We're going to encourage that little guy to sweep!  After all...Cinderella knew how to work before she became a princess.

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amy wright said...

Maybe it's just the Lubbock kids being let off the hook. We have "working toys" in Dallas. haha
Tell little Dax that he can come and sweep his Aunt Mamy's house. My kitchen really needs it right now!