Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Birthday Boy

David turned 30 on August 3rd.  That was the day he went to have braces put on.  He was actually quite glad--he was getting an appliance removed which was repairing his crossbite--and hurting his tongue.  I could post that pic...never mind.

David was always the kid who hated going out to eat.  I know!!  Can you believe it?  He'd beg us to take him home so he could eat a peanut butter/jelly sandwich while the rest of us went to Plaza.  Crazy kid!!  I figured a lot hadn't I cooked for him.  I completely forgot he couldn't eat corn on the cob! ha!  But he cut it off the cob and ate it.

Addie & Ryan eating leftover pasta while the rest of us had brisket.

Andy, Lindsey, Mama

I even made his favorite cake--at least I was hoping he still liked it.  Ryan led the song.

A 30-year-old getting enough air to blow.

Some things never change...
(No licking harmed this cake)
And this concludes this year's birthday circuit.

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Lindsey said...

Thank you for making his birthday feel real! It was perfect for him. And thank you for making sure to post a picture of me stuffing food in my mouth. I appreciate your ministry.