Thursday, August 9, 2012

August Cohen Dietz...or "Gus"

 August (Gus) Cohen Dietz was born Tuesday, August 7.  He weighed 6 lbs. and 8 oz.

Our first thought when we saw him was that he looked just like his big brother, Dax.

But after he was cleaned up, we realized he didn't have Dax's red hair (which Dax had at birth)...but he's his own little man with dark hair.  He's so handsome!  And we're so excited about him.

Please be praying.  Gus was taken pretty quickly to NICU because his oxygen level wasn't where it needed to be.  They began testing for bacteria which he apparently has.  Today, he was put under the bili light because he's also jaundiced.  Please pray that God heals him quickly and that he and mom are able to go home together!!  I can't wait to hold him.
(This is grandbaby #10 for us.  Gus evened us out--we have 5 girls and 5 boys!)


Jennifer said...

Congrats on little Gus! I pray he is healed quickly...he's a little doll!

amy wright said...

I'm anxious to meet him!!