Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Christmas

These photos are something only family will probably appreciate. But if anyone else does....God bless you! (It's long and definitely out of order!)

Aunt Shanna, Caitlin & Alexis

Dwight Schrute Bobblehead.
Zach & Shanna Dietz

Addie opening Strawberry Shortcake. (SS smells the same after all these years!)

Aunt Shanna babysitting for Alexis

New quarterback for Dallas Cowboys---Ry-an DIETZ!

Alexis modeling the backpack that Aunt Sandra made.

Caitlin showing us her new apron made by Aunt Sandra.

Matt modeling his new vest.

The Matt Dietz family--Caitlin, Lisa, Alexis & Matt.

Ryan & Addie opening their Little House on the Prairie DVD's.

Alexis looking at Pioneer Woman Cookbook with her mom, Lisa.

Lisa & Shanna modeling their new aprons from Anthropologie.

Lindsey modeling her new apron from Etsy.

Three girl cousins--Alexis, Caitlin & Addie.

David's gift from Zach...need I say more?

David Dietz family---Addie,, Lindsey, Ryan & David

David and his new Dwight Schrute bobblehead.

Christmas at Granny's in Pampa.

Carving Guru--Gary Sanders, my brother.

Waitress Caitlin taking orders.

May I take your order, please?

We told the girls they only got one gift---but there were many gifts packed inside one gift. Caitlin opening hers.

The girls were all dressed up when we arrived.

Sisters....Caitlin & Alexis

Girls playing Barbies.

Ballerina Addie---with new ballet shoes and tutu.

Another view of the backpack.

Andy & Becky...boy, do I need a haircut...among other things.

Our adopted FPC daughter, Amanda.

One more pose.

Can I please open one gift???

Alexis with her new baby bedding.

Alexis opening her new baby bedding.

Alexis with her baby and baby apron.

Josiah sent Gee this letter. It's on the fridge.

Josiah sent Buff this letter. It's on the fridge. (He folded the letters, too!)

Addie painted this art. It's on the fridge.

Ryan wrote and painted this letter. It's on the fridge.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!


Lindsey said...

Well, they're all amazing and cute except one. I can't believe you would post a picture of me looking like that!!! Grrrr... I have on no makeup and look pregnant. At least Lisa and Shanna look great. And skinny.

amy wright said...

Lindsey- You are as skinny as a stick figure. Are you kidding me?

Lindsey said...

Well, now I am.

As We Are said...

Cute pics! It's so fun to see Matt's family. You did GREAT on your daughter in law gifts. Way to go!