Sunday, December 27, 2009

The best gifts ever

I'll give them to you in the order they were given to us.

1. Zach & Shanna came and gave us a book---Crazy Love. (I can't wait to read it---seeing how it's changed their lives!) They gave us a letter that detailed how God had transformed them with the reading of Dave Ramsey's book, The Total Money Makeover and Francis Chan's book, Crazy Love. As a result of God using the 2 above-mentioned books in their lives, they told how they've been able to help at least 3 families financially in the past few months...and counting!

2. David & Lindsey shared how they took Ryan & Addie to Faith City Ministries where they led worship for the homeless people. They've taught Ryan & Addie some hymns and David accompanied them with his guitar as they sang. Then the kids were also Mary & Joseph in a Christmas play at FCM.

3. We skyped Jay & Amy Christmas morning and Isaac opened our gift from them as we watched. They are sponsoring a 5-year-old boy named Kenneth from Africa through Compassion. We're thrilled!

These are all a result of us asking our children to do an act of kindness that involved their whole family---and give it to us as their Christmas gift to us. We're going to keep a family scrapbook of these treasures. (I'm hoping to get photos of some of these events to put in the scrapbook---hint, hint!) And maybe next year, Matt & Lisa will read their emails...ha! I can honestly tell you that this is the best Christmas I've ever had.

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amy wright said...

The kids are very excited about their guitars, scooters, trampoline, and tea set. But I know that Kenneth will be someone they'll remember when they are older because he'll be sticking with us. :) Thanks for challenging us!