Monday, December 21, 2009


Do you think that's too many to have on your blog list? I'm just wondering. I think I have some deadbeats on my list----they don't move up too often. I'm thinking of whittling it down if they don't do something soon!


Lindsey said...

I think it's too many. I try to delete 'em if it's been longer than a few months since they posted. You do whatever you want's just cyberspace.

Tammy said...

OOOHHHHH, now I know what you mean by I get to stay on your list! hahahahaha I told Tamra today, that my blogs from now on, will be to just chronicle what is going on in my life. I would love to be as wise as you Becky and really have something to share with others, it's just not there. We were talking about comments on our blogs, and she said she didn't know if many people commented on blogs anymore, or if they just read blogs. I know that's what I have been doing lately. I love to read blogs but I hardly know anyone that blogs. Does that make any sense? Becky, I hope ya'll have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!

Sandra said...

Is that a threat??? :-)