Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Temptation = Gain

This morning at our prayer time, Jodina brought along a book by Joyce Meyer. It was a workbook & devotional on The Battlefield of the Mind. She read an excerpt out of it. Basically, Joyce said that temptation wasn't presented to us as sin---or we'd never do it. But it's presented as gain. Think about it. Eating the fruit from the tree didn't look like death to Eve, it looked like gain---becoming like God and knowing good and evil. Arguing with my husband doesn't look like pride to me--it looks like being right. Gossiping about someone doesn't look like judgment and destruction, it looks like making myself feel better about myself. Buying something I can't afford doesn't look like stealing--but it makes me feel better about my circumstances.
Interesting. As I wrote out these scenarios, I was reminded about our emotions as women. We want to feel good. And Eve was deceived---by her emotions. That's why the Word says that sin came through Adam. He wasn't deceived. He logically thought it out before he chose to eat of that fruit. Reckon that's why Satan came to Eve? He knew he could get 2 through 1.
Anytime gain is involved, we'd better look closely. God offers great gain---life abundantly. Satan offers a counterfeit that costs!

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Elizabeth said...

wow - this was impactful and meaningful to me!