Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday--Post 3




All Gone---so sad!

Losing a tree is painful in the panhandle of Texas. But we lost a locust tree to bores. I happen to believe it was an act of God. It was the source of my allergies that caused me to claw my eyes out each May when it bloomed! But I wouldn't have wished for it to die. So...we have some guys here cutting it down. It will become firewood. We also found out it had gall (never heard of that one!). Gall is a fungus and the ground will have to be treated with a fungicide before we can plant another tree. And I just thought we had mushrooms growing!
Now the tree directly behind it, by the garage, has been trimmed for years by one of the guys working for us. (The green sticking up above the dead trunk in front) He informed us that it is the oldest ash tree in Borger. How's that for history?? Apparently, ashes need to be cut regularly to look good---which ours hasn't been. That comes next!


TheShermanFam said...

What's with all the 30's?? Are you doing another 30 days of "?"...??
And that is pretty cool about the Ash tree and pretty gross about the other...RIP fungus tree.

amy wright said...

Wow! You have the oldest ash in Borger. :)