Monday, April 28, 2014

Galaxy by Matt Dietz

Cover by artist Randy Friemel

Our oldest son, Matt, is releasing his newest CD in May.  I'm so excited about it!  You can go here and listen to a sneak peek! Just click on the little red arrow at the top left corner of the page to listen.  This Friday, May 2, he will release his title song.  For a $5 donation to ru4children, you'll be able to download the song, Galaxy.  You'll be able to do it here on this website.

Matt has written the songs and sings them.  He's always been a gifted song writer.  But I believe God has brought a new depth and strength to his songs.  I've asked Matt to tell us how this album came into being and why he chose to use the men he did on this album.  These are his words:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

In 2004, I gave up on music and in doing so, I essentially gave up on me; my passion. Through a series of life events, I made a very conscious decision to run from God. 

In June of 2010, God began to make it very evident, that He was in pursuit of me. A month later, my life forever changed when I gave up running and allowed God to show me that He was not religion. His grace covered so much shame and regret, His mercies became very real and I fell in love with Him for it.  

 Shortly after God captured my heart, He began to redeem a gift I had thrown aside and counted lost, worthless and certainly disqualified. God began to speak in a tangible way. Within a period of two months, he prophetically released His vision for this gift. He spoke to me through faithful and random servants, who released 10 or more consistent prophetic words, making it absolutely undeniable that He was far from through with the passion He created me to pursue.  

 I began to write, and write, and write some more. A year later, I had more than 50 songs or parts of songs written. Again, God spoke saying, "Display this musical gift, Matt." This word came from an absolute stranger, who knew nothing about a gift, except that God had spoken.  

 In December of 2012, I began to round up the necessary equipment to create a modest record. My brother Zach, has been a part of this album every step of the way. I bounced every song idea off of him, determined the necessary equipment through him, he engineered the record, co-produced, created samples and sounds, mixed and mastered this album. His talent is immense and he is the biggest reason this album exists.  

 I began to pray, "God who would you have me involve in this project?" As I prayed, I looked for those whose gifts were greater than mine, and whose hearts were sewn to the Father. My brother David, is the best acoustic guitarist I know. Not only that, he has the character of an elder and I aspire to be more like him. I love that he is laced through this album.  

 Jay Wright, my brother by marriage to Amy, is my favorite pianist in the world. He loves my sister and their children in a way that makes me proud.  

 Marco Gonzalez is a guy who I've loved like a brother since he was 12 and began playing with me in college. God moved Marco back to Amarillo, and I knew he had to be a part.  

Clint McKinney, is a personal friend and brother, who has a special gift to not only play acoustic, but is a great song writer. I pulled him in to play on the record, and it turned into a songwriting session. Let It Rain was written in 30 minutes, and I knew it was essential to this project.  

 Steven Ronk is probably the best bassist I've personally had the privilege of watching. He has the heart of a servant and I'm proud to involve him.  

 Mark Morgan is a genius on the guitar, you'll see. Humility emanates from his core, and I love it!  

 Kuhrt Cowan walked into our makeshift studio, and in 8 hours, tracked and produced every single drum section of every song, with ZERO pre-production. He's also one of the kindest people I know.  

 I am so proud to show off the great talents of these special men! Their talents and especially their hearts are the absolute core of this record! 

This project, is more than just songs, or even just songs of worship. 

This project is birthed from ashes. It is the very heart of God, displaying His will for all of humanity. Restoring hope to the hopeless, raising the dead and giving us a reason to dance. He is forever Faithful. His mercies are new every single morning and are as long as the day. 
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

I hope you'll listen with an open, expectant heart to these songs.  Purchase them for friends who need to hear God.  Buy them for your children who are running from God.  I believe God has a much higher purpose for this album than we know--than even Matt knows.  You'll be blessed.   
Matt's proud mom.

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