Thursday, April 3, 2014


Andy was preaching on tithing Sunday and mentioned how Judas was the treasurer for the disciples.  Who gave him that position?  Jesus.  Did Jesus know Judas had the heart of a thief?  Yes.  Judas is the one who rebuked Mary for pouring perfume on Jesus.  He wanted to know why she wasted it instead of giving that money to the poor.  Was he really concerned about the poor?  No.  He was pilfering money from the money box and was concerned about what he was losing.

As I've thought on this, there have been so many applications for me.  First, I have to ask myself, "What am I hanging on to?  Do I have the heart of a thief?"  Those times when I don't want to tithe or give means I'm wanting it for myself.  Jesus told us we couldn't serve God and money.  It was either one or the other.  It really is all about our hearts.

The second application is this:  We don't have to worry about God's reputation.  If He's not concerned about a disciple--who is a thief--taking care of the money box, He's not worried about a preacher who is consumed with himself or a church treasurer who wants control or someone who doesn't want to tithe or a modern-day disciple who just doesn't want to walk in the truth!  

God is big enough to take care of His own reputation!  Too many times, I think we get concerned for God and want to fix things for Him.  We want to be the spiritual policemen instead of trusting the power of the Holy Spirit to bring His own conviction.   He's simply told us to love others.  When we do bring correction (which we are to do with a brother), we are to come in the spirit of meekness and to speak the truth in love.

Father, please purify us of the Judas spirit!

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Tammy said...

Becky, I hope y'all are loving Groom. Even though I don't leave a comment (usually because I am too lazy to sign in, hahaha) I read your blogs and always enjoy looking to see what you have to say.