Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I am NOT a good waiter.  I'm a do-er...let's get things done...in a hurry!  I particularly dislike waiting in line or on inept people.  Pretty harsh, I know.  But God keeps taking me to those waiting rooms.  Today, I had to take some paper back to Sam's.  I inadvertently (ineptly?) ordered paper that feeds through a computer instead of copy paper.  How I did that, I don't know.  I didn't even know they still made that kind of paper!

Anyway, I had exactly one hour to get into Sam's, return the paper and shop for more paper and some things I needed at home.  And I got her!  The lady who pulled out the three-ring notebook with instructions on how to return charges on a credit card on paper which was originally shipped to us.  Not only were the instructions long, but she couldn't get the numbers to enter on the spaces on the computer.  She not only had trouble entering numbers, she couldn't stay on task.  She had to talk to every employee who came behind the desk and walk to the printer (when she wasn't printing) and put kleenex in a drawer.  After 20 minutes, I began tapping my credit card.  (And thought I'd been patient to wait that long!)  She apologized for her slow computer.  (Really??  It's not the talking and walking around?)  At 30 minutes, I was about to tell her to keep the paper, I'd just get more.  But God interrupted me before I spoke.  He said, "Bless her."  I was stopped in my tracks.  And...I began blessing her through prayer.  I prayed for her, her family, her relationships at work, her life.  And as I prayed and blessed, my heart changed....and then my attitude changed.

I got to test that out 2 more times before I left that store.  I had to wait in a long line at check-out.  And because I ordered an electronic that was locked up, I had to wait at the door.  And I blessed those on whom I waited.

I left Sam's in exactly an hour.  And with a different attitude.

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