Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Most Excellent Mother's Day

Enjoy the photos of The Most Excellent Mother's Day!

Matt & Lisa's Kids:  Caitlin (13) & Alexis (9)
Jay & Amy's Kids:  Isaac (9), Josiah (7), 
Olivia (4), Hadassah (1)
David & Lindsey's Kids:  Ryan (8) & Addie (6)
Zach & Shanna's Kids:  Dax (1) & Gus (-3 months) 

...and Benjamin, my nephew 
(who thinks he's my grandson) (9)

Josiah, Ryan, Isaac & Addie


Hadassah & Olivia

Pretty smile!

Hadassah giving Andy the dog kisses

Addie & Olivia washing dishes

Amy & Lindsey

Isaac, Ryan & Josiah reading the Bible in Lego-style

3 Musketeers!

Gee/Guh, Olivia, Addie, Isaac, Ryan & Josiah at the movie watching The Pirates.
The kids all dressed up for the occassion....so cute!!

Pops and the magic show.

Where did those dots go??

Isaac, Benjamin, Ryan, Olivia (front), Addie, Caitlin, Josiah, Alexis

Caitlin, the beauty consultant for the cousins.

Alexis & Isaac

The gang.


Beautified Olivia

Caitlin making Addie more beautiful.


Ryan, Isaac, Benjamin, Josiah.

Caitlin & Alexis meeting Hadassah.

Two beautiful cousins.  Hadassah & Caitlin.

Two Ethiopian princesses:  Hadassah & Hannah.

Hannah teaches Amy some Ethiopian phrases.
Amy, Isaac, Hannah, Hadassah, Josiah.

Caitlin feeding Hadassah.

Alexis & Hadassah.

Isaac, Josiah, Olivia, Alexis, Caitlin & Hadassah.

Dax came after everyone else left!  But he got a quiet nap out of the deal.

Dax on the car.

Mama & Dax.

The only photo I have of Gus.  
A very tired mommy (Shanna) after photographing a wedding Saturday.

Zach colored a Mother's Day card for me at The Plaza.
I don't really know what it means--I just know I'm the LUCKY one!!
Thanks, guys, for a very wonderful Mother's Day!!


As We Are said...

How fun!!! I love that all of the cousins were together. That's how we grew up, with cousins all over the place, and we loved it. Zach is an amazing artist ;) Happy late Mother's Day!

amy wright said...

I'm so glad that we were all able to visit. Thank you for always letting us invade your empty nest. Is your nest ever really empty? haha