Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This weekend has been overload on what God is teaching me.  Years ago, I began asking God to let me finish well with my life.  I want to please Him, honor Him and love Him as best I can.  And God has spoken to me in ways this weekend I wasn't prepared for.  It's made me begin making that request again.  "Please Lord, let me finish well."

A man admitted to me that he missed the plan God had for him.  God called him to be a pastor and he refused to submit because he feared he'd never have enough money.  (It may have been more about his wife's fear than his.)   And the sad thing is...he never had enough money anyway.  God had already been teaching me that lesson--it's all about fearing God or fearing money.  You serve one or the other.  But what I learned from his circumstance was that fearing money may not be having wealth and forgetting God.  It may be more about the fear of not having enough money (or your focus just on money) which is just as serving as the other.

I'm learning that FEAR takes us places we never intended to go.  It's Satan's most effective snare.  If he can cause us to fear, it takes us into a spiral towards death.  It may not be physical death, but the death of our destiny.  I can't tell you how sad I was to see this man not ending well.  It's like he's spent his whole life making up for saying "no" to God's calling on his life.  But he missed the destiny God had for him.

Then I talked to an older woman who made this comment, "I don't know where the past 30 years have gone."  She wasn't just being melancholy.  She was lamenting the fact that she hadn't fulfilled God's destiny for her life in the past 30 years.   She'd existed, she'd breathed...but she hadn't really lived!

Then Pastor Steve began his sermon Sunday with the story of Queen Victoria.  The knowledge of her destiny of becoming queen was withheld from her until she became a young woman--to keep her from becoming prideful or overwhelmed.  But when she learned she would be queen, she said, "Then I will be good."  (Meaning she would work at becoming a good queen!)

It struck a chord in my heart.  I have a destiny.  God has a plan for my life that I want to fulfill.  Some day...some glorious day, I will reign with Jesus.  I want to be good.  I want to become all that God has had planned from the beginning of time.  I want to prepare for reigning with Jesus.  I want to fulfill all of the destiny that God has said is Becky Dietz.

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Ronnie said...

AMEN and AMEN! Thank you for the reminder to "be good" at what the King has called me to do!!! I have struggled at times with "fear" of the unknown, fear of the unexpected - I want to finish well, to have lived a life that it will be said of me "Well done my good and faithful servant" by Jesus!