Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sanders Family Reunion 2011

We had our annual Sanders Family Reunion over the 4th of July weekend.  We went to Glorieta, New Mexico.  The average temperature was 75* and it rained every afternoon.  It was glorious!

The family consists of my mom, my siblings, and our children.  Not everyone could be there--and we missed those who couldn't come.  This group comes well-prepared with games, toys and prizes.  A favorite this year was Bananagrams.

Just about everyone got involved in a game of Bananagrams at one time or another.

We were well entertained by Olivia. 

She spent hours serving us food (marbles) and taking our money (cards).

Another fun thing we do is split up the meals and cooking.  Every cooking team gets to decide on their menu.  This team made Pioneer Woman's Pulled Pork Tacos--and they were delicious!

Last year at this reunion, we heard the announcement that this little guy was on the way.  We had no idea it would be a Dax Chandler, though....or that he'd have such a cute smile!

A football game took place every afternoon.  I think you'll be able to tell who takes these games  seriously.

The big guys against the little guys.

Great moves...

The little guys loved it, too.

Sometimes there were BIG groups playing Bananagrams.

While others took advantage of the technology available.

Some chillin' took place.

Dax got passed around quite a bit and grinned for everyone.  He's a very happy baby.

We enjoyed some music---by guitar...

...and by piano.  Josiah can even play with his eyes closed!

Ping pong tournaments took place and they even had a cheering section.

They were just fickle in who they cheered for!

On those rainy afternoons, we pulled out the puzzles.

Lots of people got involved.

Olivia had this one figured out in minutes.

But she also played in the rain!

We can't have a family reunion without smores!  Uncle Gary & Aunt Amy provided the fixin's.

We had these Three Musketeers this year.

Our matriarch.

Scott had some great moves in the frisbee game.  Notice his cool shoes.

Jay's form was exceptional also.

Gary took the boys on a hike.  Later, Josiah told us his highlight was hiking to lookout point.

Olivia waited for the prayer so she could chow down on Cheetos.

Aaron playing ping pong...

...against Isaac.  Love that tongue!

More smores.

Great family time.  We just wish everyone could have been there!


amy wright said...

It's fun to see the pictures. I have to admit that my favorite is of Olivia with her Cheetos.
What's up with the winter background on your blog?

Becky Dietz said...

It helps cool me down.

Tammy said...

ok i wondered about the blog background if it was to remind you of cooler days. loved all of the pics of your family. what a neat thing that ya'll do every year. i remember seeing the pics from what two or three years ago and how much all of the kiddo's have grown.

Sarah said...

That looks like fun!!! Glad you all had a good time!!!