Saturday, July 16, 2011

Best Day of a Boy's Life--Post 2

There are some moments in a grandparent's life that take you back about 25 years to a time with your own children....or boys, in particular.  David & Ryan were spending some "Father-Son" time today and went to Wal-Mart just to look at knives...since that's all that Ryan can talk about these days.  Before they left, David had spent time teaching Ryan about knife safety with David's knife.  (This goes back to David's R.A. days and his "Cut & Carry Card."  Thanks, Mike Green!!)  Lindsey had told me that David had recently told Ryan that he needed to be 9-years-old before he got his first knife.  But I think Ryan's excitement got to him today.

They came home from Wal-Mart with this little treasure--laying on the table. 
And one excited little 7-year-old boy!

He was so excited, he had to give his mom a kiss!  In fact, kisses and hugs were flowing all around.

Daddy also bought a bar of soap for Ryan to use to practice with his knife.

Doesn't this just make you laugh---seeing this boys' excitement??

He was very serious about learning knife safety.  I heard a lot of "Yes Sirs" as his daddy instructed him.

He was pretty proud of what he was creating.

Dad was quick to show him when he did something wrong.

Look at all the gadgets on this knife!!

Ryan will NEVER forget this day!!

He made short work of this knife sliver at a time...

...until this was all that was left.

A Swiss Army, Classic Black, #139, people!!!

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amy wright said...

Hilarious. He and Isaac can now carve soap and sticks together. Poor Josiah will be left out, but he's already proven that 9 years old will be a better age for his first knife. Oh that kid.
Congrats, Ry-Guy!