Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Addilyn Turns 6!

How many 6-year-olds do you know who choose to have their birthday parties at Outback?  Well...that's our Addie Belle.  This girl LOVES her steak!

Mom & Addie as they arrive at Outback.

Her dress even advertised that she was definitely the birthday girl!

Uncle Casey & Ryan were in attendance.

Three adorable Duhon kids were there.

In fact...we had quite a crowd!

Pops & Addie are steak buddies.

David & Lindsey have some wonderful (and beautiful) friends. 

Before things got started, Ryan & Addie wanted to do something.  So I pulled out their first gift.  They each got a turkey baster.  You heard me right---a turkey baster.  They spent over an hour at my kitchen sink recently playing in the bubbles with a turkey baster.  So I decided they needed their own.  The boys stayed well-entertained.

Guess what turned up at the party?  Yep...Ryan's knife.  And it came in so handy when he needed to pick his teeth later (notice the white toothpick that comes with it).

Some of the Ator kids were there.

Pretty mom.

The guys.

Time for candles and the Happy Birthday song.
These gluten free birthday cupcakes were made out of black beans.  Yummy!

She got a card from Granny---with MONEY!

Is this girl excited or what?  It didn't change...she was that excited with each gift!


She got lots of clothes, but I think she was pretty excited with this new Bible from Ryan.
Happy 6th Birthday, Addie Belle!


Anonymous said...

My type of girl! Love that steak!

Kara said...

My E would love her. She loves steak too! Her favorite. Great pics and what a special birthday!!