Monday, March 7, 2011


Relationships.  Other than the Word of God, there's nothing more important on this earth.  They're also eternal.  They're worth fighting for, protecting, developing, and enjoying.  It takes time to develop them...but it's time well-spent.
When a relationship is fractured, it saddens the soul.  In fact, it can affect your health or mental stability. 
It seems Satan is trying his hardest to fracture relationships now.  Divide and destroy.
Guard your unity.  Protect your relationships.  FIGHT for them!  If you love someone, it doesn't matter who's right...or who's wrong.  All you want is the relationship.  You'll be willing to humble yourself and seek restoration, reconciliation, redemption...and relationship.

Please protect our relationships.  Make us alert and aware of our enemy who is roaming around seeking someone to devour.  Quicken our spirits to take up our shields of faith and our weapon to defend those relationships.  Pour out Your Spirit on us.  Fill us with love...Your love.  Help us to extend the same grace to others that You extend to us.  Let Your goodness and mercy overtake us all.  Help us, Daddy.  Please help us!  In Jesus' name, Amen.

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Elizabeth said...

I share your burden. I, too, have some dear friends going through difficult times maritally. Breaks my heart. Made me think of the movie, Fireproof and the bible study, Love Dare.