Friday, March 4, 2011


Grandbabies and more grandbabies!  It's an exciting time in our lives.  I got a phone call this morning about Grandbaby #9.  Amy called to tell me that they could have their referral in 4 months.  That means Baby Hadassah will have been chosen for them and they'll have a photo of her.  The process is so amazing---and all about God!  The line-up, the choosing, the timing--all of it.  Kind of like a natural birth.  Ha!  Anyway, you can read all about it  here

Tomorrow, we're heading to Lubbock so Pops can meet Mr. Dax.  Of course, my meeting him was very short-lived since he was put under oxygen almost immediately after birth.  So I can't wait to get my hands on him.  Expect more pictures.

My bigger grandbabies are very busy.  Caitlin (who will be 12 in over 1 week!!  Yikes!!) & Alexis are in Louisiana with their other grandparents.  I think they're getting to see their other cousin. Caitlin was born first and then 2.5 years later, we started a process of having 5 grandkids in 3 years!!  So we have little stairsteps.  And now we could possibly have 2 more in 1 year.  We can hope!

Isaac and Josiah (who live in Florida) recently sent me letters.  They amaze me.  Isaac even included a joke in his:  "What did the stamp say to the envelope?...I'm stuck on you!"   Amy told me a cute story about Miss Olivia (who was supposed to be going to sleep) introducing her babies to one another.

And today, I got a picture from some Little House on the Prairie kids, Ryan & Addie:

I had a pretty good idea being a grandmother would be fun---I just had no idea how much fun!!

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