Thursday, February 24, 2011

Photos of Dax

These are the photos of Dax's delivery.  Zach took my camera into the delivery room and got the first two photos.

Shanna taking it easy during delivery.  (Not really.)

The monitor of Dax's activity.

And here's that boy!

Daddy's first photos with Dax.

Aunt Amanda

The Bishops getting a first glimpse of Dax.

Aunt Amanda & Dax---with Dad sharing the good news in the background.

Daddy & Dax

Little boy---next to dad's big hand.

Close-up of Dax

Kay & Amanda & Dax

The new little family

Mommy, Dax & Daddy

Dax peeking at Dad

We'd found out Dax's clavicle was fractured during delivery.  His reaction to the pain was causing his oxygen level to drop.  He'd been on oxygen most of the night.  They brought him to the room before they moved him to NICU.

Mommy & Daddy talking to him.

He was taking it easy. 

Talking to Dax

The move to NICU

Is that boy sucking his thumb??

We were on the elevator and Mommy was talking to Dax and his oxygen level started going up!  (A good thing!)  It made for one happy Mommy!!  So sweet to see how a baby responds to his mommy. 
I think we have a keeper!!

This is a photo from my phone of Dax in NICU. 
Zach texted me and said they've taken Dax off of oxygen in NICU.  Zach & Shanna got to go back and change his diaper tonight.  They'll keep him in NICU and see how he does tonight---hopefully off of oxygen!  They say his clavicle should be healed enough in a week that he won't have much pain.  Amazing!!


amy wright said...

Oh, sweet Dax. He is just so adorable. I can not get over it. I'm praying for him to heal quickly.

As We Are said...

Congratulations Becky and everyone! He is so sweet and I hope and pray that this morning he is still breathing on his own and out of NICU! They are sweet first time parents :)

Penny-wise Women said...

He's PRECIOUS! We can't wait to meet him...but I think we'll wait until his little bones are healed! I wouldn't want Aunt Lala and Dax to get off on the wrong foot!

Kara and Dave said...

He is soooooooooooooooooooooooo wonderful. The NICU is so scary for parents, but such a blessing that we have such a place that takes care of our babies that need a little extra help. Pryaing for a quick recovery for Dax and Shanna. The picture of her amazement in the elevator had me crying. BEAUTIFUL.