Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bias to...

The other day, I posted something God was teaching me--going from knowledge to bias.  And the next day, I had a unique experience.  I was talking to a young person about some issues going on in their church with which they vehemently disagreed.  I was so shocked to see bias---in someone so young!  You kind of expect it in older people because they've got their minds made up about a whole lot of issues.  But it's just a little disconcerting to see it in a young adult.
And of course, God doesn't let me see it in someone else without pointing it out in my own life.  And this is what I discovered through that experience...
You can start out with bias--not just end up there.  And then you gather facts to support your position.  After your fact-gathering,  you are able to justify your bias.  From the platform of your bias, you are able to shoot down anyone opposing you because you are well-fortified with facts--and pride.  You no longer hear what anyone else has to say.  Then I'd pretty much one likes you because you've become arrogant, boastful and full of the "right way" of doing things.
God loves to supply me with visual aids to teach me.  (He knows I'm a visual learner!)  And then insists on touching that place in my life that needs changing.  Ouch!!

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