Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby Practice

It's been 3 1/2 years since we've had a new baby around here---and it's about time!  Actually, our grandson, Dax Chandler, isn't due to make his arrival until March 10.  But Shawn and Lissa Anglin had their first baby, Truett Knox, January 3rd.  Shawn was a part of our family 11 years ago when we acquired our first granddaughter, Caitlin.  I knew by his interaction with her way back then that he'd be a good daddy some day.  And he is.  Lissa's a beautiful mommy, too!  They seem so comfortable and natural as new parents.  Knox is a lucky duck!
Andy & I made a trip to Lubbock yesterday to take Zach out for a belated birthday dinner.  After our dessert trip, Shanna asked if we'd like to go meet Knox!  She called the Anglins to see if we could drop by and when we got there, I handed my camera to Shanna and she got these shots.  Knox is a handsome little guy.  And holding him has made me so anxious for Dax to get here!  I fully expect Knox & Dax to be best buds.  Meet Knox with us...

He never woke up while we were there--even with Mommy trying to get him to open his little eyes.

Isn't he quite the little man?

I love this face!  Every new baby makes it. just feels so right!

He can't wait either...Thanks for letting us come by, Anglins!

I foresee the new first-time grandparents, the Rustens and Anglins, making lots of trips to Lubbock!!  And Shanna has no idea what she's in for when she goes into labor with our crew around, right girls?!?!  We're ready for grandbaby #8 to make his grand appearance.  I'm laughing today as Zach is attending an all-day baby preparation class with Shanna.  I asked him not to embarrass us by passing out.

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