Monday, March 9, 2015

The Confession by Robert Whitlow

The Confession by Robert Whitlow doesn't at all deviate from Whitlow's expected masterful twists and turns in his new legal thriller.  In his usual Grisham-style, Whitlow takes you on the journey of a young assistant D.A. who has a past to cover up.  Holt Douglas has taken on his best friend's dream of fighting legal battles for others all because Holt killed his best friend in a drunk driving accident in high school.

Trish Carmichael is a deputy sheriff, with her time spent mostly finding deadbeat dads who are avoiding paying child support. And then she makes sure they spend their day in court.  She and Holt usually spend Thursdays together presenting these cases to Judge Lomax.

A file comes across Holt's desk which is not intended for his eyes.  The wealthiest man in town was killed and it was ruled a suicide.  But for such a public case, the file is very thin.  Holt begins privately investigating the case knowing his boss won't be happy.  And he asks for Trish's help.

Just when you think you have this story figured out, it takes another sudden turn.  You begin cheering for a certain relationship and it isn't what it appears.  Once again, Robert Whitlow took me on an unexpected journey.  Robert Whitlow, himself, is a lawyer which gives even more depth to his books.

I highly recommend this book (or any of Whitlow's books) and give it 5 out of 5 stars!

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