Sunday, March 22, 2015

Just a Job for a Paycheck? Or a Mission Field?

Lindon & Wynola Sanders--Dad & Mom

My dad was a mailman.  I guess the correct name is mail carrier.  For the most part, dad was a mailman back in the day when they had fun at the office.  The guys at the Pampa Post Office had nicknames for one another and Dad's nickname was Hawkeye.  I never knew when I called him at work whether to ask for Lindon or Hawkeye!  He would often come home telling about one high jinks after another he'd gotten into at work.  My dad was the class clown growing up--and it carried over into his adult life.  He loved a good prank!  There was always something going on at the post office between the guys.  That is until about 5 years before he retired.  At that time, a new sheriff came into town (so to speak) and there was no more horsing around.  It became all business...and no fun.  Dad chafed under the new regime.  And it's what propelled him into retirement.  The new rules honestly took the spirit out of him.  The job he'd loved became just a job.  And that was probably 30 years ago.

He'd have so much empathy for people working now.  You hear it over and over--people feeling suppressed at work.  There's no life, no encouragement, no fun, no hope.  It's just become a job to bring home a paycheck.  And the jobs which should be fulfilling are having the very life sucked out of them.

I contend believers should bring life to the job--especially if you're the boss!  We should be the encouragers, those building others up, those with creative and innovative ideas. This week, I encourage you to do that very thing.  Ask God for a way to bring life to your workplace, your home, your church.  Find someone who needs encouragement--or even a good, clean prank--if it's allowed.  Take cookies, lunch, or something fun to share with others.  Send a funny joke to your co-workers via email.  Hang a "saying" to encourage others in the teacher's lounge.  Write a note of encouragement--praise someone for something you've seen them do.  Hug someone's neck and just tell them you think they're doing a great job.  (Every mom of young children needs that!)  LOVE on people and see if things begin to change at your workplace.  YOU can bring life!!  Discover a way to work which isn't just about a paycheck--you are in the middle of a mission field.

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Pam Holman said...

AMEN!! Love this post!!!