Monday, July 21, 2014

So You're a Pastor's Wife

I've been burdened by the number of pastor's wives who are hurting, confused, or angry.  I've started a new blog just for pastor's wives (yes, that includes you if you're a staff wife and wonder if you're a pastor's wife--you are!).  In order to be a part of it, you'll have to email me ( your google email (or blogger) address to be added to this private blog--private for obvious reasons.  In this blog, I hope to encourage you, strengthen you, and help point you to Jesus.  I'll be doing a lot of the blogging but hope to have guests posts from veteran pastor's wives who know more than me.  You'll be able to ask questions or reply to posts--where we'll be able to encourage and help one another.  
If you know of a pastor's wife you think may need some encouragement, send her on over!  We need one another!!

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