Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sanders Family Fun Day Pt. 2

WARNING:  Photo Overload Ahead!!

After spending the afternoon at Gary & Amy's home, we made our way to Wonderland Park.  As you'll see in the photos, we all gathered at the gate and it's the last time I saw some of the family during the evening.  The only rule was that the kids had to stay with an adult.  But you'll see that they switched between adults during the evening, too.  It just depended on who was willing to ride the rides.  The kids all know Aunt Amy (Gary's wife) is up for anything!

Everyone at the gate.  Left to right:  Andy, Isaac (Amy's), Ryan (David's), Josiah (Amy's), 
David & Amy

Zach, Mom, Isaac, Alexis (Matt's)

Alexis & Caitlin (Matt's), Amy, Sarah

Sarah Nichole, Sarah, Benjamin, Nathan, Scott, Matt

Sarah, Nathan, Sandra, Scott

Finally together and Gary is giving us instructions.
David and Gary.

Addie (David's), David, Josiah (Amy's)

These boys can hardly wait!  (The big boys, too.)
Benjamin, Isaac, Josiah, Matt, David

I started off with Olivia (Amy's) & Addie (David's).  They wanted to go on the Tilt-a-Whirl first thing.  We were laughing hysterically...until it went a couple of minutes too long.  We all felt sick afterwards.  Not a great start!  The girls quickly recovered.  It took me a bit longer.

Gus (Zach's) and Shanna.

Top:  Lindsey & Hadassah (Amy's), Olivia (Amy's) and Amy
Left: Amy & Gus (Zach's), Jay & Olivia, Lindsey, Hadassah & Addie
Right:  Olivia (Amy's) & Addie (David's)

Back:  Sarah & Amy
Front:  Olivia & Addie

This was Dax & Dassie's first time down the log ride.  They're both 3-years-old...and they LOVED it!

Gus (Zach's) and Dassie (Amy's)

I went down the big log ride with Sarah, Scott, Ben, and Gary.  We all had our hands in the air except Gary--he was ducking.  We were SOAKED from head to toe for most of the evening.  (Ducking doesn't help!)

Hadassah or Dassie (Amy's)


The boys thought Granny was cool in her cap!

One of the times I met up with the boys.  They ran from one ride to the next!
David, Ryan (David's) and Josiah (Amy's)

Amy, Zach & Alexis (Matt's)

Scott & Sarah.  I saw Sarah at one point with the young boys.  Apparently, she's good to go with on the big roller coasters, too!

Dax was so sleepy!!  But he wasn't about to miss a thing!  Funny story:  He rode this car several times because he thought it was Finn from "Cars."  One time a little girl was in the front seat and he tried to make her get out.  He even told the attendant she had to get out.  It didn't work.
Dax & Gus (both Zach's)

I love this photo.  Addie & Olivia with their hands in the air on the cars.

Gus & I stopped for funnel cake.  We posted it on Instagram and family came running to join us!

Shanna, Andy & Gus

Uncle Gary with his tongue hanging out trying to keep up with the kids!

Cousins on the car.
Dassie (Amy's), Addie (David's) & Olivia (Amy's)

Caitlin & Alexis (Matt's) about to go on the Fantastic Journey.  (Why does that ride still cost extra tickets??)  

Uncle Matt & Gus (Zach's)

Amy & Josiah (Amy's), Matt & Dax (Zach's)

Dassie, Olivia & Addie

David & Lindsey

Drop of Fear!
Alexis & Caitlin (Matt's)
Matt & Sarah Nichole

This was Dax's face on every ride--the faster, the better!
Zach & Dax

Josiah (Amy's) & Andy
Matt & Amy

Ryan (David's)

Ride buddies
Dax (Zach's) & Dassie (Amy's)

Lindsey had to pose holding up the roller coaster--a perfect picture of what her life is like right now.  She and the kids made their move to Tyler, TX the next day.  David will follow this Thursday.

As we were leaving the park and as the lights were being shut off, Matt told us he'd lost his car key.  We split up and began looking at rides and asking attendants to look.  And we prayed.  An attendant found the key under the tunnel of Texas Tornado.  A true miracle!!

Jay & Amy and their kids left the park and headed through downtown to get to I-40 and a guy turned in front of them and smashed their car.  It was pretty traumatic.  It's actually much worse than this photo shows.  But the good news was there were no injuries and the van was still drivable so they could drive back to Dallas the next day.

But the highlight of our night was when Dax rode the Frog Hopper.  Remember how tired I said he was?  Watch...

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