Monday, July 7, 2014

Sanders Family Fun Day Part 1

It's become a tradition.  Every summer, my brother, Gary, and his wife, Amy, host our Sanders Family Fun Day!  We started having it at their cabin in Ruidoso but since so many had scattered and it was hard to get everyone together for that many days, we shortened it to one day.  We begin at their home in Amarillo with a meal and water fun for the kids and then an evening at Wonderland Park.  As you'll be able to tell...we have a BLAST!  My grandkids are at the perfect age for Wonderland so they especially love this time.  But honestly, I don't know who has more fun--the kids or the adults!  I have so many photos from the day that I'm doing it in two parts--Part 1 is the time we enjoyed at Gary & Amy's home--with fajitas and snow cones!

Water fun began before the meal!

We all gathered in the house for prayer before the meal.

Gary giving us instructions.

Amy in the background making preparations.
Zach, David, Amy, Shanna, Andy, Benjamin

Everyone allowed Andy to go first.  Senior adult, you know...
Andy, Benjamin, & Isaac (Amy's)

These two cousins don't get to see one another very often.  Caitlin is my oldest granddaughter (15) and Hadassah is 3.

Olivia (Amy's) brought a gift to Aunt Amy.

Finding a place to eat.

Lots of cousin time took place.
Nathan, Scott, Sarah, David

Amy & Sandra

Gary, Zach & Jay

Lindsey, the two Sarah's and Amy

Visiting--three brothers and Alexis.
David, Zach, Matt & Alexis

The kids had a blast!  Gus (in front) is my youngest grandchild at almost 2 years old.

Catching up with family.
Matt, Alexis, Sarah, Sandra, Sarah Nichole, Scott

Amy made snow cones for everyone.  She was the pro back in the day of Summer Snow!
The snow cones were a huge hit--with everyone!

Even Andy...

Lots of measuring goes on with kids... 
Benjamin & Isaac

And aunts and nieces.
Lindsey & Alexis

Crazy boys ready for Wonderland!
Ryan (David's), Josiah & Isaac (Amy's) & Benjamin (Sandra's)

I love this photo!  It seems every time we gather our grandkids for a photo with us, my nephew, Benjamin (far right in back), joins us.  He thinks he's ours...and I love it!
Back:  Ryan (David's), Josiah & Isaac (Amy's), Benjamin (Sandra's)
Front:  Addie (David's), Caitlin (Matt's), Dax (Zach's), Becky, Gus (Zach's), Andy, Alexis (Matt's), Olivia & Dassie (Amy's)

Andy & I with our 10 grandkids

Dax & Shanna

My mom with her 8 of her 10 grandkids.  Her grandkids range in age from 40 to 11.
Back:  Scott, Nathan, Zach, David
Front:  Benjamin, Sarah, Granny, Amy, Matt

Mom with grandkids and their spouses.

The whole Lindon Sanders family who attended.  (We were missing 4.)  I LOVE my family!!!  I don't mind telling you...they're the BEST!  We have the best family in the world.  You may think you do...but we really do!

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