Monday, July 28, 2014

Martha, Martha...

I taught children's Sunday School yesterday.  I decided to take a Bible story and let the kids learn the parts and act it out.  I had a different story in mind, but when I got to Sunday School, I only had three girls in attendance.  (Lots of our families were on vacation this week!)  So I quickly changed directions and turned to the story of Mary & Martha and we rehearsed several times until we had this down.  I think they did an amazing job acting out the story.

After we'd done this, I sat down with them and asked them some questions, hoping to help them apply this story to their own lives.  Later, they performed the skit in front of the church for the children's sermon.  I asked...

  • What was the first thing Martha was doing in this story?  --"Welcoming Jesus!" 
  • What was Mary doing?  --"Sitting at Jesus' feet!"
  • Was it wrong for Martha to fix a meal for Jesus?  --"NO!  He was probably hungry!"
  • Why was Martha upset?  --"Because she was doing all the work!"
  • What can we learn from Martha in this story?  --"You don't have to impress Jesus!"
Oh my goodness!!  Out of the mouths of babes.  You don't have to impress Jesus, indeed.

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