Friday, November 8, 2013


Some day I hope to sit down and put thought to the blog about what I'm learning.  I feel as if God has put in His thumb drive and downloaded tabernacle truth into my heart and mind.  I'm almost on overload.  But oh it's been good!

Last night, we heard about the altar of incense.  This is a picture of prayer.  Think about it.  Only the priests were allowed in the holy place and for most priests, this was as far as they could go--to the altar of incense.  This was the closest they could get to the presence of God.  Only the high priest could go into the holy of holies.

I've recognized the importance of prayer throughout my life...but in hindsight I see how desperately the evil one hates it.  Years ago, a group of us wanted to learn how to pray.  We were seeking God.  We wanted more of Him.  Now I realize He wanted more of me.  But our hearts were after Him.  We began meeting once a week in our homes to pray together.  It was incredible.  We saw a child healed of seizures.  We saw God provide.  We became an intimate group of believers.  We heard God.  But it was something as little as "do we serve a meal?" which stopped our meeting together.  We tried coporate prayer at the church. And we saw God move in.  But it was something as simple as a few people who could never move beyond praying for Aunt Pearl's ingrown toenail which stopped us from meeting together. It's always the little foxes which spoil the vine.  And I'm realizing satan wants to stop us at each station of the tabernacle--in our relationship with God.  In fact, he never wants us to enter.

I don't know where God is moving me now in my prayer life.  But my insight into it is so different.  I'm so grateful for people like Gary Miller who focus their whole ministry on prayer.  We need to understand prayer--it's one of the most intimate steps into relationship with God.  I hope to grasp the intimate nature of prayer and how the incense of my prayers waft into the presence of God.

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