Monday, November 25, 2013

Life Changes

Andy & I are in the middle of life changes.  It's been exciting!  I never dreamed we'd be here, but God has gotten us out of our comfort zone and apparently is sending us in a new direction.  Here's what I'm amazed by.  (I knew some of this theoretically, but seeing it in action is a completely different thing.)  I'm amazed at how God has a perfect plan for His kingdom and wants to include us in it.  (AMAZING!) I'm amazed that when we don't know which direction He's taking us, our minds are completely transformed and awakened to include His new plan.  I'm amazed that He plants His thoughts, His ideas, His direction into our minds and hearts and that suddenly I'm excited over something I might never have considered!!  (I mean, seriously...this is exactly how it's been!)  I'm amazed that with one word from God, a plan unfolds and our worlds are righted and become much broader.
I can't wait to share the details as God's plan for us unfolds...but it's still unfolding.  And God's plan and timing are perfect.  I hope you'll be encouraged if you're in God's waiting room.

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