Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Billboards, Banners & Flags of Facebook


I've grown weary of the billboards, banners and flags of Facebook.  It used to be that we got on Facebook to communicate with one another.  I was able to catch up with friends from my past and stay in touch with my family and know what they were up to.  Of course, my favorite thing was to see adorable photos of my grandkids which my kids posted.  But out of 7 kids, I only have 2.5 surviving Facebookers.

But I have to wade through mountains of billboards, banners and flags.  I got caught up in it myself...until one day I realized I was clicking "like" on one banner after another.  It's hard to find anyone putting original thought out there.  One day this week, I realized I was having to wade through so much junk to find anything my friends were actually doing.  And heaven forbid if a ball game or popular TV program is on--that's the only updates you see.


And then there are the banners of political persuasion that people wave.  For the most part, I already know how my friends/family fall on the political lines.  I'm all about being informed of what is going on politically.  We live in a country where we have the right/privilege to speak up, vote, and inform our authorities of our persuasions.  Just give me a way to make a difference--a way to make my voice heard where it matters!  Otherwise, it's just banners flying in my face.


I love Pinterest.  I'm all for Pinterest.  I belong to Pinterest.  But when/why did Pinterest invade Facebook?  I've already seen the recipes, DIY projects, home decor...on Pinterest.  Pinterest is clogging my Facebook highway.

I encourage you to go and take a look at your Facebook page.  I have more billboards, banners & flags than original thoughts, photos or stories on my Facebook page.  I have some friends that that's all they do---post billboards!

Here's my solemn promise to you.  I'm going to do my part to clean up the Facebook highway.  No more billboards, banners or flags from me.  I'll only post original thoughts, photos or stories on Facebook--things which will share who I am and which will hopefully interest you.  We're quickly forgetting to communicate--we're just regurgitating what someone else posts.  And if we're not careful, we're all going to get disinterested and lose contact again...or become zombies who can't think for ourselves!

Whew!  I feel better.

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