Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Three Sons

Three Great Men of God!
From left to right:  David (middle son who is a worship pastor), Matt (oldest son who is a builder), Zach (youngest son who is a youth/worship pastor)

Lest you think they're stuffy godly men, this is what goes on behind the scenes.  So typical...I even had mugs made with a similar photo.  

God is transforming my three sons--in fact, our entire family!  (*Disclaimer:  Jay & Amy have grasped worshiping God as King and practicing the awareness of Him much earlier than the rest of us!  We've come to the table a little more slowly.)  But the rest of us have been reading some of the same books and watching this video series and calling and keeping the phones hot with texts with one another (at all times of the day and night) about what God is doing in, through, and around us.  (In fact, I had put my phone on mute and had it on my bedside table one night and it began bouncing all over the table vibrating about midnight while the boys were texting back and forth.  I had to put it under my pillow to sleep! But it was the first thing I checked the next morning!!)  God has been hitting us with the teaching of the tabernacle everywhere we turn!!  It's been so much fun!!  For instance...

Matt called us to tell us about another encounter (he's had several!) he had recently. He's gotten to where he expects these encounters because he's aware he's carrying the presence of God and tabernacling with others to meet with God.  Matt went to IHOP for dinner and a young guy was waiting on him.  When he got ready to go, he was just going to leave a couple of dollars for the guy--because the twenty-something guy just looked like a thug and Matt didn't want to be a part of any bad habits.  But God stopped him.  He asked Matt to empty his pockets and bless the waiter.  Matt told me he never carries cash!!  But his business partner had repaid something that had been charged on Matt's credit card and he had $150 in his pocket.  Matt argued with God and even looked around the restaurant to choose someone else to whom he could give the money.  And God responded with, "Who are you to argue with how I use MY MONEY??"  So the waiter came by with more coffee and the ticket and Matt invited him to sit down.  He asked the guy if he had a bill hanging over his head that he couldn't pay for which he'd been asking God for help.  The young guy looked at him with big eyes and said, "Wow!"  And then he told Matt that he had a bill that if he didn't pay it by Monday, he'd go to jail.  Matt was then able to share how much God loved him, wanted to help him, and had moved Matt to pay that bill.  This young "thug" began to cry.  And then he told Matt he wished he could give him a hug.  And, of course, Matt obliged.

Zach got to participate in a healing service at his church where an 80-something woman was able to raise her arm in praise--an arm which had been "frozen" for years.  We also went to hear Zach preach last week on how God wants to ignite our hearts with fire--the fire of truth and His presence!  David is diligently leading us in a life group where we are practicing the awareness of God and opening our hearts to Him.  We've taken communion together and experienced intimacy with God which was unlike anything we've ever experienced before.  He's challenged us to tabernacle with others throughout the week.

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am!!  These sons of mine are exciting me with their excitement!  God is pouring Himself out and I am in awe.

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Ronnie said...

A lasting legacy of the work of God in your family!!! I love it!!!