Sunday, October 27, 2013

Change...are we honest with ourselves?

(Imagine this in turquoise)

Change.  I've been thinking on it a lot lately.  Things are changing in my life and in lives all around me.  Some people say they don't like change.  I even had someone tell me that today.  But is that really true?

I have to think back to when Andy & I married.  If nothing had changed in the past 38 years, we'd still be living in a 2 bedroom apartment which had a turquoise kitchen, cone fireplace, with gold velvet furniture--and making $200/month.

Is it really "change" we don't like?  Or is it we want to be in control of the change that takes place in our lives?  Or is it we just want to be comfortable?  If we're honest, we really like change.  We like buying new furniture, new clothes, new cars.  We like seeing new places.  We enjoy watching our children grow up.  And we really like promotions!  So what is it about change that frightens us?  Fear of the unknown?  Fear of losing control?  Fear of having to make new friends?  Fear of loss?  Fear of new situations?

I never want to quit changing and I want to embrace the changes facing me.  I admit...change can be hard and frightening.  But I refuse to live in fear or clinging tightly to what I know. I want to be teachable.  I want to grow.  If we refuse to change, the only option is to quit growing.  And when we quit growing, we die.  The same is true in individuals or in churches.

Change.  God created change with the intent we would hold on to Him...the only thing which never changes.

These are just some things I'm thinking on tonight.

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