Thursday, August 8, 2013

Meet Woobin-Hood

3 years old

I have to preface this story with another.  Years ago, I heard the story of Ti-Fam for the first time during a Good News Club my mom taught.  Ti-Fam was a true story of a witch doctor's daughter in Haiti.  It's an exciting story with lots of cliff hangers.  I loved this story!!  And Haiti became a permanent part of my life because of it.  I even taught this story years later to my own children and our church kids.  Ti-Fam was taught by Granny Turnbull at the Baptist Haiti Mission in Kenscoff.  That ministry is still going today.  I contacted this mission after the earthquake in Haiti several years ago and began following their work.

I'm slow coming into the sponsorship of a child.  Two of my kids sponsor children in other countries as does my brother.  But finally, this year, I decided to jump in!  I wanted to partner with this ministry I've been following.  These children are not orphans...but their parents can't afford to send them to school.  So for $25/month, I can help a child go to school.  Andy & I looked at all of the pictures of the children and couldn't decide on one.  Then we went back and this little boy's name caught my attention---Woobin-Hood!!  I started laughing and told Andy I had to have this child!  Isn't he cute?  And now David tells me I have to find a Wittle John to sponsor along with Woobin-Hood.  The exciting thing is his birthday is upon us--it is September 12.  So I've already gotten to send him a birthday card and plan a party for him and his class through BHM.  

Woobin-Hood is 3-years-old today and has 2 sisters.  His father is a part-time stone mason and his mother sells vegetables out of their garden.  Woobin-Hood hauls water for the family's use.  He'll be starting pre-school this year.

I'm so excited to be a part of the Baptist Haiti Mission ministry that has meant so much to me for 50 years!

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