Thursday, August 29, 2013

Eating & Drinking

I've heard several sobering things in the past couple of days.  One was that part of the temple wall next to the mosque had crumbled in Jerusalem.  A friend told me she'd seen it on a crawl on Fox News one time this week--and didn't see it again.   Of course, this wall next to the mosque creates tension between the Muslims and Jews.  And I can't actually verify this story online.

Then tonight, I read this story.  Things are heating up in the Middle East.  Syria is the hot spot because they're gassing their own people and the U.S. and Britain are preparing a missile strike.  Russia & China are very much against it.  A war like we've never known could begin. Armies are mobilizing at this moment.

In the meantime, Israel has extended the hours in which they'll be handing out gas masks to all of their citizens.  Read here.

Are we (meaning: me) engaged?  Praying?  Aware??  God told us that in the last days people would be eating, drinking, and marrying.  Life would be going on as usual.  I was hit in the face with that as I was on Facebook tonight.  My life was going on as usual.  I am not engaged.  I am not praying.  And I want that to change.  Somebody's children or grandchildren are fearful tonight.  I have brothers and sisters in those countries who are facing a life and death situation....while I eat and drink.

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The McCown's said...

I am in tears after reading this...complacent, convicted, and now committed to change. Thank you for sharing this.