Monday, August 5, 2013


I'm so overwhelmed at the moment.  I've just read blogs of two friends who are adopting.  And in both, I see the relentless, pursuing nature of God.  I wish adoption had been a possibility when I was a young mom--but it was more for parents who couldn't have children--or so we thought.  (In fact there were several kids from the Mexico orphanage we went to for 15 years that I wanted to bring home--but they weren't adoptable.)  But I did what I could and adopted a few teenagers for months at a time.  :)

I love what God is stirring in the hearts of this generation!!  I am so confident in the future church.  Their hearts are bigger, they are pro-active, they see no limits.  They are obedient.  And I'm so proud I could bust my buttons!

I may be too old to adopt...but I'm not too old to invest in those who adopt---especially when I know a child will be going to a godly family.  Please open your hearts to do the same!

My life wouldn't be complete without this Ethiopian princess!

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