Saturday, June 15, 2013

Psalm 139:5

"You have beset me and shut me in—behind and before, and You have laid Your hand upon me."

I never read this verse without thinking of the story Sherryl Stone told us years ago.  We served on staff with Charles & Sherryl Stone and it was during one of our weekly staff wives meetings (I loved those meetings!) that Sherryl shared this story in her beautiful Mississippi drawl.  It's been a long time, so I hope I have the details correct.

I believe it was Christmas and Sherryl's daddy was going to go up into the attic to bring down Christmas decorations.  Sherryl had never been in the attic and begged to go up and see what it was like!  Either Sherryl was an only child or maybe the only least much-loved and protected. Her father tried to tell her it was too dangerous, but that only made her more intent on wanting to see what was up there.  So after much discussion, her parents came up with a plan.  Her father would go up the ladder first, Sherryl would follow, and her mother would come up behind both of them.  At no time was Sherryl alone--one of her parents had their hands on her at all times.  She was beset and shut in behind and before.

Isn't that just like our Father?  He never leaves us alone and He always has a hand on us--even when we aren't aware or when we may feel all alone.  Faith knows He's there and has a firm grip on us.

I've loved Sherryl's story all these years.  I just wish you could hear it in her beautiful southern drawl.

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