Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Bumper Sticker Story

About 25 years ago, Andy put a bumper sticker on our brown station wagon (that station wagon is a whole other blog for another day!).  You have to know this--Andy didn't put bumper stickers on cars.  But this was a special bumper sticker and was pretty popular at the time.

David was just beginning to read and it would take him a while to sound out a word.  The bumper sticker had been on the back of our car for a couple of years already, but because David couldn't read, he was oblivious to it...until that Sunday.  We came out of church and were walking towards our brown station wagon.  David slowed down his gait as he neared the car and began sounding out the words on the bumper sticker for the first time in his life.

"I-I  L-L-O-O-O-V-V-E  M-M-Y-Y  W-I-I-F-F-E.  
I L-O-V-V-E  M-M-Y  W-I-I-F-F-E.    

Of course, we'd all stopped at the back of the car as he was sounding out the words and those of us who could read were waiting for him to figure it out.  And when he did, his giggles began which turned into a belly laugh.  He couldn't believe he'd been riding in a car all this time with a message like this on his bumper.  I think he was a little embarrassed. 

But when his giggles began, Andy & I were rolling!  It was so cute!!  We were delighting in our son's new understanding.

That's what I think my Father was doing this week with my new understanding of the Word.  I got it!!  I had a revelation of a truth that He'd been guiding me towards for 30 years. And I think He was laughing delightedly as the lights came on in my mind and heart.  I could hardly go to sleep last night for giggling over my discovery.

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